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Family Program

Rennert International offers the opportunity for families to study together at any of our Rennert locations. In both New York City and South Beach Miami, Rennert provides excellent quality courses for both teens and adults to provide an educational and "hassle-free" holiday. There are two options for those who would like to enroll multiple family members into our English language courses.

Seasonal Option

For families wishing to come during our Teens Summer or Teens Winter program dates, Rennert can accept the younger family members into our full day program with unique classes and afternoon excursions. Accommodation can be arranged for Miami participants.

Year Round Option

For families that aren't able to attend Rennert during the above seasonal programs, Rennert can provide the teens with one on one private lessons during the same time of day as the adult courses.

All of our options give families a great deal and allow the adults in the family to choose between any of our great academic courses. Parents and children alike benefit from English classes part of the day and a wide variety of options in terms of activities and sightseeing during afternoons, evenings, and weekends. We're also happy to provide help in finding housing.

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