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Course Choices

Rennert used its widely respected, ground-breaking Arts plus English programs as a model for the Summer plus! program.

Select one of the following plus! options and it will be included in your English program. You will spend ten lessons per week working on your specialized area. After lunch, you will participate in the related fieldtrips and workshops as well as wonderful sightseeing trips and fun outings. Will it be a visit an actor's workshop, a fashion show, the United Nations, a baseball game...? It's up to you!

plus! Highlights

Film and Multimedia Studies
Class topics include:
  • The Art of Telling a Story
  • Film Genres
  • Animation and Cartoons
  • Camera Angles, Music and Sound Effects
  • Art and Advertising
Workshops and field trips include:
  • NYC Art Galleries
  • Paley Media Center
  • International Center of Photography
  • Museum of the Moving Image

Class topics include:
  • The Emergence and Success of Famous New York Designers
  • Celebrity Styling
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Inside the Minds of Designers
  • Culture and Fashion
Workshops and field trips include:
  • Showrooms of New York Designers
  • Museum of Fashion
  • Department Store: Behind the Scenes Tour
  • College Fashion Show

American Sports
Class topics include:
  • History of Baseball, Basketball and Football
  • Careers in Sports
  • Iconic Sports Figures
  • The Effect of Sports on Pop Culture
  • The Dark Side of Fame
Workshops and field trips include:
  • Backstage Tour of a Professional Stadium
  • Rock Climbing Basics
  • Attend a Professional Soccer Practice
  • Sports Clinics

Broadway and Performance Arts
Class topics include:
  • Acting and Intentionality
  • The Basics of Improvisational Theater
  • Monologues and Auditions
  • Singing for Musical Theater
  • Performance and Choreography
  • The History of Classic Broadway Shows
Workshops and field trips include:
  • Improvisation Workshop
  • Theater Dance Class
  • Professional Actor's Workshop
  • Vocal Lesson

Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Class topics include:
  • The Power of Great Leaders
  • Mastering Presentations and the Business Pitch
  • Diplomacy and Model UN
  • Legendary American Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation and Design Your Path to Greatness
Workshops and field trips include:
  • Tour of the United Nations
  • Wall Street Insiders Tour
  • Political Advertising Workshop
  • The Birthplace of Hip Hop Tour

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