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Meet Our NY Teachers

Beatrice Calixto

Beatrice Calixto had always wanted to teach English as a second language. As a child, she saw her immigrant parents struggle to communicate effectively in English during day-to-day life, so finding herself wanting to help others conquer the English language, she joined Rennert in 2007 as an instructor.

Beatrice holds a Bachelor's degree in Languages from the English Academy of Languages in Mexico, plus a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from New York City College of Technology.

You can describe her teaching style as "communicative and very cooperative." With the freedom to create her own material (instead of relying on textbooks), Beatrice introduces topics into the classroom that students can actually relate to. What’s her favorite part of being an instructor at Rennert? "Watching and listening to my students interact with each other, and others, outside of the classroom in a more confident way," she says.

Beatrice's favorite places in NYC include Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When she's not teaching at Rennert, Beatrice loves to volunteer around the city or tuck into a mystery novel or two.

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