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Meet Our NY Teachers

Chris Berry

Chris Berry may come from West Tennessee, but he's traded the rural life for a fast-paced New York City lifestyle without a glitch.

With an MA in Anthropology and an MA in TESOL, Chris found his love of teaching while substituting in Gainesville, Florida. After arriving in New York with his wife, Chris joined the NYC Teaching Fellow program and began teaching in public schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He chose to move his teaching career to Rennert because it allowed him to connect with his students in a way that best fit his personality and teaching method.

So how would Chris describe his teaching style? "Very goofy and playful," he says. In Chris's lessons, you'll be placed in a non-stop laughing, non-stop learning environment, full of music and dramatic play "that strongly supports fluency development."

Chris also knows what it's like to learn a new language, as he studied Portuguese in college and spent over a year in Brazil as an exchange student. He has also taught English in Madagascar and learned some extra languages along the way, including French and Malagasy. He's tried learning Spanish a few times "but I think I was using it as an excuse to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico for the outstanding cuisine!"

Catch Chris outside of the classroom and you'll find him enjoying all his favorite New York spots: Long Beach, Yankees Stadium, Hell's Kitchen Flea Market; grabbing the best pizza, cooking in the kitchen, or enjoying a glass of wine with his wife "once the baby's put to bed."

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