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Meet Our NY Teachers

Selina Josephs

Selina Josephs knows just what it takes to learn a new language. Born and raised in Panama, Japanese was actually Selina's first language, taught by her mother. With English spoken between her parents at home and both Spanish and French taught at schools, there's no wonder Selina is now fluent in four different languages.

Selina graduated from SUNY at Purchase College with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. She combines her love of art with another passion in life: teaching. And because Selina has been a language learner her entire life, she understands what works in the classroom and what doesn't.

Instead of teaching students from a workbook, Selina places a lot of importance in practical language learning, where emphasis is placed on real life situations. She believes that learning a new language can change people, not only in the school or work arena, but as a whole: "I feel that students end up proving something to themselves and leave Rennert feeling that anything they set out to do is possible," she says.

What is Selina's advice for anyone learning a new language? She says making friends who don't share your native language is a start. New vocabulary or grammar should be used in your life immediately. And, joining activities where you can use the same language is a plus (cooking classes, art classes, wine tastings).

When Selina's not teaching at Rennert you can find her immersed in another passion: art. From painting and making collages to organizing art shows and visiting galleries and museums - this talented artist lives and breathes creativity.

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