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Rennert Winter Adventures® English Classes

General English classes are at the core of Rennert's Winter Adventures®


The Winter Adventures® program is centered around the General English classes. The English program emphasizes conversational skills in the classroom reinforced by staff-led workshops and field trips in the New York City.

English classes are student-centered, communicative, and designed for teens by highly qualified, experienced native-speaking teachers. In addition to their often impressive ESL credentials, many of Rennert's teachers have interesting backgrounds in acting, art, music, dance, sports, finance, film and college preparation.

Students will not just take general English classes, but also take city-themed classes such as The Evolution of Media, The Food and Culture of NYC, The Birth of Hip Hop, and Fashion. This program is designed to spark student interest and engage them on a topic they are passionate about.

Course Highlights:

  • 10 general English lessons per week
  • 10 lessons in an Englished themed class (Media, Food & Culture, Fashion or The Birth of Hip Hop)
  • Small groups with a maximum of 15 students
  • Six levels: elemetary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, low advanced and advanced
  • Emphasis on speaking, group activities, pair work, projects and presentations
  • Certificate upon course completion and weekly progress reports

Each week of Winter Adventures has a different theme with trips and excursions related to the topic of the week

These are the current Winter Adventures NYC-Themed Topics:

The Evolution of Media

Food & Culture of NYC

Learn how forms of media have rapidly evolved and the role media has in shaping socieites.

Explore the unique immigration history, food, and traditions that make NYC one of the world's most talked about cities!

The Birth of Hip Hop


Out of the ashes, a new art form was born. Learn about the amazing history of Hip Hop, a uniquely New York-genre, and now one of the world's most influential art forms.

Learn about the business of fashion in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

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