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Rennert's Professional English Program Students

What makes Rennert's Professional English Program special?

...It's the clients. Rennert's professional clients come from diverse backgrounds from
many different countries. Each client is warmly greeted and offered coffee and tea
in the professional lounge where they may also check their e-mail. After morning
classes end, a complimentary lunch is offered every Monday so that professionals
may mingle and get to know each other.

Language and cultural barriers melt away by mid-week as professional students make
plans to go to baseball games together, attend the opera, Broadway shows or other
New York events. Thursday evening's wine and cheese social is incredibly popular and
allows students to exchange stories, talk about the differences and similarities between cultures
and laugh over funny anecdotes.

Friendships continue after the students go home and many keep in touch and even visit
each other in their respective countries. The intimate atmosphere in Rennert's Professional
English program fosters communication and friendships and points out how we are all more
alike than different.

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