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Language Internship Placement Service

Practice your English communication skills in a real world setting.

Make the most of your vacation in the U.S. by adding this once-in-a-lifetime volunteership experience. This service is in addition to your English classes at Rennert.

During your 4-week Vacation 'N Learn® course:

  • You will attend two workshops that will guide you on how to prepare an American-style resume and interview skills.
  • Rennert will then arrange an interview for you at a U.S. company. Once accepted,you will volunteer for 4-8 weeks and experience the language and culture of the American workplace.

  • Rennert's placement team will check in with your weekly and after successful completion of your internship you will receive a letter of recommendation that will be a valuable asset in your future.

    *Add this option on to your Vacation 'N Learn ®.

    Program Facts

    • Internship fields include Marketing,Public Relations, Architecture, Fashion, Hospitality, Information Technology, Arts and more!
    • 16 Vacation 'N Learn® lessons per week (from weeks 1-4)
    • 2 workshops in Resumè Building and Interview Techniques, followed by an interviews (weeks 1-4)
    • 20-40 Hours per week of Volunteer Experience (5-8+)
    • Duration: 8-12 weeks including English
    • Requirements: Tourist visa or waiver and upper-intermediate level of English required, a skype interview will be conducted for acceptance into the program
    • Extras: Students will be given a letter of recommendation from the organization at the end of their internship experience

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