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Rennert Add-On Programs

Business English in Action

(F-1 visa required)

Vacation and Volunteer

(visa not required)
Program Requirements and Steps:
  1. Requirements:
    • Possess an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English
    • Meet a set of professional standards set by Rennert New York

  2. How do I get started?
    • Set up and complete a phone interview with the Rennert Team

  3. How will I be placed?
    • We will evaluate your qualifications, skills and interests to target at least one
      company we believe will be a good match for you, and schedule an interview with them.
    • You will have at least one in-person interview with a prospective sponsor company.
      (NOTE: You will not know the names of any prospective sponsor companies
      before you arrive in New York.)
    • Placement is ultimately dependent on the needs of available sponsor companies, your
      skills, and your performance in the interview(s).
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