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SIT Best Practices in TESOL Certificate

Overview of the SIT Best Practices Course

Currently being offered and accepted worldwide, the Best Practices in TESOL Certificate upholds the highest standards in TESOL training. The certificate is issued by World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute university (SIT), a prestigious American university that is a global leader in language teaching instruction. It is an internationally recognized TESOL qualification especially designed for Intermediate to High-Intermediate speakers of English who plan to teach, or are currently teaching, in their home countries. SIT has a great reputation all around the world. For example, the Best Practices in TESOL Certificate course was accepted by the Korean Ministry of Education as training complying with the national and regional education and teacher development standards.

Over a period of six weeks, participants gain professional competence as English teachers through interactive workshops, guided lesson-planning, practice teaching with real ESL learners, and comprehensive peer and trainer feedback. This intensive, challenging program offers a minimum of 210 hours of instruction and requires that participants teach for six hours to actual adult students. Due to the immersive, well-structured nature of this course, you will learn the practical teaching skills equivalent to many more weeks of study in other less intensive courses.

The course is very practical and hands-on. The small class sizes (maximum 10 participants per trainer) allow for optimal involvement in the learning process. Guided lesson planning, practice teaching and post-teaching feedback sessions are an integral part of the course. In the practicum, you will teach real adult ESL students who live in, or are visiting, New York City. Your students will be from all around the world. You will learn in an English-speaking environment and be able to say that you taught English in America. This is an important, fun and useful experience to have and to include on your resume!

The course is suitable for both future English teachers and current English teachers who want to gain additional skills in communicative language teaching and a TESOL qualification that will give them a competitive edge to teach in their home country. While most people take the course to learn about English teaching and improve their English-teaching skills, people have also used their TESOL Certificate to get a job in a related field, such as education publishing, corporate training, early childhood teaching and/ or administration, jobs in multinational companies, etc. In addition, although the course is a teaching course and we will focus on teaching you how to teach, many people on the course say that they have also learned how to better learn English themselves, and that they have also learned things about the English language that they didn't learn in school. You will practice using your English every day and may gain confidence in speaking because you will have to teach English in English!


6 weeks. Total 210 hours. 9:00am 5:00pm, Monday Friday (may vary)

Due to the demanding nature of the course, potential students are required to complete an application and have a phone/Skype/in-person interview with a member of the staff before they are accepted. Possible students' educational backgrounds, reasons for taking the course and English proficiency will all be evaluated during the application process.

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