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Teaching Business English Certificate

Teaching Business English is an important skill in increasing demand as the world becomes more globalized. The Teaching Business English Certificate course was written by experienced teacher trainers with a wealth of experience in planning and delivering practical Business English classes and provides an introduction and guide to teaching Business English to adults. You will gain insight into valuable teaching techniques and get useful ideas for a range of business based activities.

You may be:

  • A business professional who has started a new career teaching ESOL and wants to expand their business English teaching skills.
  • A new or experienced General English teacher who wants to transition into teaching business English.
  • Working, or planning to work, in-company or at a business English language organization.
The course includes workshops on the following topics*:
  • Business English vs. General English
  • Terms & Concepts of the Business World
  • Needs Analysis
  • Teaching to Student Needs
  • Choosing Course Books
  • Using Authentic Materials
  • Teaching Business Lexis
  • Teaching Presentations
  • Business English Best Practices
  • Teaching Cross-cultural Awareness
*subject to change

Please note that this course is a training course for teachers. It looks at the methodology and approach to teaching Business English. It is not a language course in Business English.

1 week. Total 30 hours. 9:30am 4:30pm, Monday Friday

This course can be taken as an add-on to any TESOL Certificate course or separately. Potential students are required to have a High Intermediate level of English and a TESOL/TEFLCertificate.

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