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Rennert TESOL Certificate

The Rennert TESOL Certificate upholds the highest standards in TESOL training. Rennert has used its extensive experience in language education and teacher training to create an intensive 4(or 5-) week (130-hour) TESOL course for Intermediate to High-Intermediate speakers of English. The course covers teaching frameworks, up-to-date methodologies, effective teaching practices, how to research and find the answers to language questions and lots of practical ideas to use in the classroom. The program includes practical workshop sessions, guided lesson planning, 6 hours of assessed practice teaching with real ESL students and guided feedback on each lesson taught.

In 4 weeks of study you will gain the essential skills and knowledge to become an effective English teacher. The course is suitable for both aspiring English teachers and current English teachers wanting to gain additional skills in communicative language teaching and a TESOL certification that will give them a competitive edge to teach in their home country.

There is a maximum trainer to student ratio of 6:1 for practice teaching, lesson planning and feedback sessions.

4 weeks of study. Total 130 hours. Monday Friday, 9:30am 5:00pm (may vary)

Due to the demanding nature of the course, potential students are required to complete an application and have a phone/Skype/in-person interview with a member of the staff before they are accepted. Possible students' educational backgrounds, reasons for taking the course and English proficiency will all be evaluated during the application process.

The basic TESOL course can be combined with specialty courses to give you additional qualifications.

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