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English Plus Acting

4-Week Super-Intensive Acting Workshop

(8 weeks total)

Sponsored by New York Film Academy and Rennert, Acting plus English is a super-intensive training program that combines the study of Acting and American English. This super-intensive Acting program begins with a Rapid Progress 30 American English program where you will improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for a minimum of four weeks. When you have reached an advanced level of English, you will take a 4-week Acting workshop at the New York Film Academy which provides students with a thorough foundation of acting with a specific focus on acting for film. This workshop is a full-time program and students must be prepared to make a serious commitment to its completion. A typical week of study involves approximately 27 hours of classes, with additional time for rehearsal and preparation.

Classes encourage students to break down physical and internal inhibitions to find the actor within themselves to create truthful characters. In addition to performing in class, each student acts in semi-professional films or videos which are professionally edited and given to the student to take home as part of their “actor reel”. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a New York Film Academy certificate as well as a Rennert certificate.

  • 30 hours per week of English minimum to reach advanced level
  • Small groups with a maximum of 12 students in the English class
  • Professional, hands-on training with New York Film Academy instructors
  • Exposure to acting and working under pressure
  • Maximize progress in English with this dual-course program
  • Certificates of completion from both New York Film Academy and Rennert
Course Key Facts:
Course Length: 8 weeks total (4 weeks English + 4 weeks Acting)
Lessons per Week: 30 hours English for four weeks
30+ hours Acting for 4 weeks
Entry Requirements: Advanced level of English. No previous acting experience necessary
Price: $4000 / 4-weeks plus cost of English program
Start Dates 2016: Feb. 8, Apr. 14, Jun. 13, Aug. 8, Sept. 26
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