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Your First Day at Rennert

Welcome to Rennert Miami. We want you to feel at home at Rennert from the moment you arrive. Your first day will be busy. You will be meeting Rennert's staff and your classmates from all over the world. We will test you so we can place you at the correct English level. You will also get lots of information about how to explore and enjoy Miami. We are happy to make your acquaintance!

Language Placement Test

On your first day at Rennert Miami you should arrive at 8:30a.m. to the address given on your Course Confirmation. Students in the Professional English program should arrive at 9:30 a.m. You will need to submit your passport, I-20 and I-94 card, if you have an F-1 student visa. Next, you'll meet the Rennert academic and student services staff and attend a detailed orientation session where you'll learn about:
  • Your individual program and school rules
  • Important visa information for students with I-20's
  • Getting around Miami
  • Rennert's calendar of activities and exciting weekend trips
Next, you'll take an English placement test that includes listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading. Then, each student will have an interview so we can assess your spoken English. Based on these results, you will be placed in the best level for your English improvement. Rennert offers 10 levels of General English classes, from beginner to advanced.

After your orientation, you'll receive your timetable with the details of your class, level, teacher, and classroom. You will also be given your first set of textbooks, as long as your full tuition has been paid. Students may be placed in a morning class or an afternoon class, depending on your level of English and the space available. All students will begin their classes by Monday.

Join us at the Rennert Mixer on Tuesday evening when new students meet old students and Rennert staff over drinks and snacks at a nearby pub. This is a great opportunity to start making friends and practicing your English! Students under 21 may attend, but cannot purchase alcoholic drinks. Welcome again to Rennert!

Welcome again to Rennert!

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