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Meet Our Miami Students

Csilla Rymenyi—Learning English for Herself
Csilla certainly knows what it's like to experience different cultures—she's been working in the travel industry for 15 years. Csilla has ventured through many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as having traveled many times to the United States for both work and pleasure.

Originally from Hungary, Csilla's mother language is of course Hungarian. After the family moved to neighboring Austria when Csilla was a child, she was expected to pick up German as a second language. She also studied English in school, but the courses only gave her a taste of the language with only 2 hours of classes each week (and taught in her newly adopted language of German—our heads spin at the thought!).

Knowing English is very important today in the travel industry. Wanting to further her career, Csilla found Rennert to be the best match for what she was looking for: an intense study program with small class sizes. Within just 3 short months, Csilla has improved her English skills dramatically, going from a beginner at level 2, to level 6. A+ for effort!

Her favorite part about her whole Rennert experience so far? Csilla says it's that she has done something for herself. She has enriched her life while guaranteeing herself a few steps up the career ladder, back home in Austria.

Victor Ferraz—Learning English to Pursue his Dreams
Though his mother was a little worried about him leaving Brazil for the first time, she can rest assured—Victor has been enjoying the time of his life since joining Rennert in South Beach.

Victor studied English for 7 years in Sao Paulo, Brazil before venturing to the United States to perfect his understanding of the language. While he has a background in Civil Engineering, Victor has decided to take a different path in life. He hopes to enroll in a TOEFL course once his classes are finished, in order to purse an education at an American university on a soccer scholarship (or any sports scholarship—Victor is a sports fanatic).

And don't tell his fellow Brazilians, but Victor says he likes reading and writing in English so much that sometimes he enjoys it more than his native Portuguese. He also believes it's very important for people to study English because it's a universal language (we agree with him!).

Victor takes four hours of classes four days a week, and when he's not having a good time in the classroom, he's enjoying all that South Beach has to offer—the sun, the sand and the waves (though he admits he still misses the bigger waves of Brazil—and with his mother concerned that he might not return because he doesn't miss a lot about his home country, that's one thing she can be grateful for!).

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