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Meet Our Miami Team

Our Miami Team of instructors and staff is unique and brings to the table an extensive array of collective knowledge and a substantial amount of experience in teaching English as a Second Language. All of our teachers are highly qualified, all certified and many hold a Master's Degree in various fields of study. Our staff is dedicated to making your learning experience student centered and engaging; meeting the needs of each student. Each teacher's classroom is individual making the learning process focused, varied and aligned with different learning styles.

At Rennert we use a communicative approach to language learning in all of our courses. From conversation to Future Professionals to TOEFL Success, we believe that learning any grammar point or vocabulary item requires that a student understand these structures in a real-world context. By engaging their classes with relevant topics and interactive activities, Rennert instructors make the language learning process meaningful and therefore successful.

Each classroom that you walk into is like a small international representation of the world. While our students come from around the globe, the teachers too are globe trotters. Our teachers have lived and taught in many countries and bring a rich and cultured background into your classroom.

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