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Fun and Culture

Student Activities: Learning (And Fun) Beyond the Classroom

The goal of Rennert New York's student activities program is to make all of New York City a classroom.

The Museum of Modern Art. Central Park. The ethnic neighborhoods and food of New York. Yankee Stadium. Music clubs and international restaurants. A kayaking trip. All can be effective -- and fun -- venues for language learning when a group of multilingual ESL students led by a knowledgeable teacher are communicating in English about the experiences they are sharing.

Student activities are planned with an eye toward our students' diverse interests in art, music, sports, design, food, architecture and American culture and with a sensitivity to student budgets. All activities are reasonably priced -- some of them are free -- and are open to every Rennert student. Click on the link below to see this month's student activities at Rennert:

A major part of the Rennert activities schedule consists of free after-class language workshops that focus on writing, reading and vocabulary. Students can refine their English skills or can explore the fun side of the language with classes on writing, grammar, American slang, musical idioms and other specialized topics.

At Rennert, a good education has no boundaries.

Find out what's going on in NYC:

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