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As a hub of multilingual communication located one block from the United Nations in New York City, Rennert's respected school has proudly taught thousands of New Yorkers international languages for 44 years.

We teach group classes in 8 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Arabic. Private classes can be taught in any language of the student's choosing.

Group classes run on Weekdays from 6:30-8:30pm and on Saturdays from 11am-1pm. Private and semi-private classes can be scheduled at the student's leisure and pending teacher availability.

All classes follow the R.E.A.L. method-Rennert's Experiential Approach to Language-which emphasizes speaking in the target language from Day 1 of class. Multiple studies on language learning and acquisition show that language is optimally learned by using or applying it. At Rennert, we take this approach one step further by encouraging students to complete communicative tasks inside the classroom and by challenging students to use language outside the classroom as well at various language sampler events, movie nights, and more.

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Fall 2 Session Schedule (November 6-December 14)

*Please note that all class schedules are subject to change based on student cancellations. If you are unsure of your language level, please email us at to take a placement test.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
French Mid-Intermediate 2 Spanish Advanced Beginner 2 Mandarin Beginner 2 Spanish Advanced 1 Mandarin Low-Intermediate 2
German Mid-Intermediate 2 Arabic Beginner 1 French Beginner 1 Spanish Advanced 2
Mandarin Low-Intermediate 1 Spanish Beginner 1 Spanish Beginner 2
German Conversation Club Spanish Advanced 2 German Advanced Beginner 1
French Advanced Beginner 1

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