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June, a technical trainer at Wilson Elser in midtown Manhattan, says of her Intermediate Spanish class at Rennert:

"I have improved so much since I started. I find that I have a deeper understanding of the language because my listening, speaking and writing skills have increased tremendously."

What do you like most about the class you are taking?

"My Spanish teacher, who is a native of Spain, is excellent. He knows how to reach his students through the use of games, videos, written materials and conversation."

June says that her teacher is always
"receptive to students' needs and open to ideas and suggestions for better learning."

Then, she adds,
"The learning atmosphere at the school is intimate and the classes are small, which adds to the learning experience."

June describes her learning experience at Rennert as
"a truly wonderful one - rewarding and personally enriching, or as they say in Spanish, 'Vale la pena.'"

Why did she decide to begin studying Spanish? Everyone has a different reason for wanting to become proficient in a foreign language. For June, the answer is uncomplicated:

"I needed a new passion in life and I would like to visit some South American countries in the near future."