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Dr. Jasmin Bey Cowin
WL-SIT TESOL Certificate Course Alumnus

"I took the Rennert Certificate after a mid-life crisis in an attempt to restart my career. While taking the Rennert course I felt extremely satisfied with both the teacher trainers, the educational support, the facilities and the all-around growth, not only to me as a teacher but also as a person.

After I finished the SIT course and the Business English course, I moved to Westchester where I found a position as a Tesol teacher at Education First at Westchester community college. In addition, I take part in the professional training at Rennert, which is robust and keeps me on the cutting edge of all of the new teaching techniques.

I can only recommend the Rennert program. I am highly satisfied with it and I think that if you are up to the challenge, you will find teaching as an ESL teacher a really rewarding experience which will open a lot of doors, not only nationally, but internationally."

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