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Renee Oh
WL-SIT TESOL Certificate Course Alumnus

"I took the TESOL class on August of 2015. The reason why I started this course is because I needed to change my career from my previous, which was fashion, to another field and then I was really interested in education. I did need to know if this education is really applicable for me and if it’s really suitable for my life and I found the TESOL course and I started. During my course I had a trainer, who was Will, and he was a really, really good trainer for me and all my co-teachers and he was a big help for everybody being... a better teacher. I made a decision to go to Masters Degree in Education so I’m preparing that part of it. Rennert made me to make the huge transition from my previous work to education and I think I made a really, really good decision to take that course. Thank you."

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