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Wendy Kohn
WL-SIT TESOL Certificate Course Alumnus

Even four years after taking the SIT TESOL course, I still think about--and use--the things I learned in it almost every day in my teaching. One of the final assignments in my course was to create a 'survival kit' from our course materials, a compilation of the most essential materials we would need to tackle any class. I actually took my survival kit with me when I went to Mexico to teach!

"The best thing about this course was how practical it was. I believe that the lesson planning and classroom management skills that I learned there were the sort of things that distinguished me from new teachers I met later on who did not have formal training. The practice teaching hours also set this course apart from other similar certificate courses. I was comfortable on the first day of my first real teaching job because I had already had real teaching experience in this course, with constructive criticism from my peers and the trainers.

"The trainers, by the way, were fantastic. They were so supportive and dedicated, and I had so much respect for them. They were wonderful mentors to me. Also, SIT's course is respected all over the world. People are impressed when they see that you have a TESOL certificate from SIT, and they know that you know what you're doing."

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