Translation Resources and Information: Tips, Best Practices, Articles and Case Studies

If you're new to the world of translations, you are bound to have questions about how the process works. As part of its service to our clients, the Rennert Translation Group staff is writing and compiling a series of informative web articles that hopefully will be of help when your company entrusts you with international communications projects. Many thanks to the translators, interpreters, editors and technicians who are helping us to write, edit and publish this compendium of translation topics.

Translation Resource Center:

Translation Tips for Marketing Professionals:
   Part 1: Writing and Preparing an English Document for Translation
   Part 2: Creating a Glossary, Tips for Layout, Software, Tracking Revisions
   Part 3: Reviewing and Archiving Translated Documents

How the Global Variations of Spanish Can Have Impact on Your Marketing Message

Troubleshooting Multilingual Layouts: Working With International Fonts

Working With International Fonts: A Multilingual Guide to Accents and Diacritics In Translated Documents
   What Are Diatrics? How Do I Work With Them in My Translated Documents?

Translation Project Case Studies

International Beauty Consumer Product Launch — Rennert helps an international beauty product launch be a success with effective cross cultural communication.

Entertainment Video Dubbing Production — Rennert provides translation, voice over, dubbing and narration services for an educational video program for kids.

International Market Research — Rennert translates and tabulates a customer satisfaction survey from 18 different languages within a strict timeline.