Foreign Language Interpretation Services

Whether you require interpretation for a significant international conference or a small business meeting, the Rennert Translation Group will provide you with excellent professional interpreters in any language combination. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, legal proceedings, medical appointments, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars and other types of events. Our interpreters have been carefully evaluated and are selected for their proven language proficiency, educational credentials and breadth of experience. The Rennert Translation Group also provides interpretation equipment and on-site technical support for simultaneous interpretation events.

We offer interpretation services for:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Professional simultaneous interpreters often rank among the world's elite linguists. They interpret a language literally as it is spoken, to audiences that may include politicians, journalists, religious leaders and prominent business executives. The profession requires experience, a thorough knowledge of terminology of the source and target language, an ability to make instantaneous decisions, stamina, and grace under fire. Most of the time, simultaneous interpreters use audio equipment, although whispering interpretation may be appropriate for a very small target audience.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreters relay their interpretations when a speaker pauses, often switching back and forth between the parties who are communicating. This is the most common form of interpretation, and does not require special equipment. Consecutive interpreters must have strong language abilities, good interpersonal skills, and specialized experience if they are working in a legal, medical or business environment.

All Rennert Translation Group interpreters sign confidentiality agreements. We will also be happy to sign your company's individual confidentiality forms.