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Japanese TV Network NHK Films at Rennert New York

April 2017

This year we had some very special guests at Rennert New York. Japanese Public TV Network NHK stopped by to film an episode of their "Basic English for Adult Learners" program at our school in January, and then again in April!

The first shoot was a Friday afternoon of fun and learning for everyone involved. The crew set up in one of our second floor classrooms and actors from our school and around the city joined the shoot as students. Our very own Professional English Teacher, Ralph, played the teacher on set, and did a wonderful job!

After the crew wrapped for the day, James Stakenburg, our Center Director, sat down with the producer, Koji Takayanagi, to talk about the premise of the program and what they're trying to convey to audiences in their show.


James: "Thank you very much for coming, we're very happy to have you here. Can you just tell us a little bit about the program?"

Koji: "This is a program about teaching English to adult learners in Japan. In the Japanese educational system, we basically study the grammar and vocabulary and we basically don't know about how to use it. So in our program, we are trying to show our viewers how to use English in actual situations. That's why we picked this kind of drama style, because the viewer can actually feel how the language works in certain situations...We want to show our viewers the usage of language."

James: "Why did you decide New York?"

Koji: "Actually we've been in the past three years, we've traveled Asian countries and Australia and now we're in season 6 right now and so it seems to me the right moment to go to New York and London...New York is the most famous town in the United States of course and one of the things good about New York is it is a rich culture, there's so many people coming from different areas. I believe that the English in this town must be the good example for us to learn English for non-native speakers, that's why we picked New York."

James: "So who is the typical audience for the program?"

Koji: "Basically the age 13-60, very wide range."

James: "And it's on NHK which is the main TV public network. So what will happen in the episode that people in Japan will see?"

Koji: "In the program we have the presenters and in the studio, we have students and teachers and native English speakers and they're watching this drama filming here. And the student will ask the point that she couldn't understand, so then the teacher tries to explain how the language is used in that filming."

James: "So it's focusing on the natural usage you mentioned before."

Koji: "Yes, so the students try to practice the main phrase with the native English speakers in the studios. So the filming here we use as like study material."

James: "Excellent. Well we're very happy to have you filming at Rennert, thank you for coming."


We'd like to thank our amazing Rennert New York team members who pitched in on all aspects of filming, from volunteering to participate in the shoots themselves, to helping set up and coordinate locations for NHK. We are looking forward to seeing the episodes on air in September!

Rennert Becomes Official Language School of New York City Football Club

December 13, 2016

Through this new partnership with NYCFC, Rennert International will provide language instruction to NYCFC staff members and special offers on further education at the school. In return, Rennert International receive an in-stadium presence at the iconic Yankee Stadium, the Club's first home. Both sports and language play important roles in society. Through this partnership, New York City FC and Rennert International will use soccer and language to break down borders, bring people together and strengthen global identities and international reach. Read more here.

Rennert International Launches Summer plus! Junior English Program

NEW YORK -- Rennert International has launched Summer plus!, a new summer junior English program in New York.

Summer plus! will be located on the beautiful, prestigious campus of Iona College in New Rochelle, Westchester County, 30 minutes from Grand Central Terminal.

The program dates are June 27, 2010 to August 7, 2010 and will be for students aged 13-17. Rennert Summer plus! is a balance of classes, workshops, field trips, activities, accommodations and meals in a safe, upscale neighborhood.

Parents and teenagers alike will like the program's venue. It is close enough to New York for field trips and exploration while providing students with accommodations and classes in a city that is recognized for its safety and teenage friendliness.

The program will help students improve their English language skills while offering them specialized classes for enjoyment and career preparation. Rennert will bring its decades of expertise in designing fun and memorable international student experiences to Summer plus!

The Details

  • 15 lessons per week of general English (integrated skills)
  • 5 lessons per week in a plus! elective (Sports, Fashion, Film, Broadway & Leadership).
  • Creative workshops and exciting field trips related to plus! option.
  • Fun activities and excursions to the best attractions that the city has to offer.
  • Excellent facilities with comfortable accommodations, full meals and 24/7 security on a university campus known for its academic and sports programs.
For more information about the program, contact

Text of the Remarks Given by U.S. Consul General Sharon Wiener
Rennert Istanbul Grand Opening
September 25, 2009 - Istanbul

"It is a great pleasure to be here with you today at the opening of the Rennert Istanbul English Language Center. I wish all the best to Rennert Istanbul which will contribute to achieving the English language goals of the Turkish people.

"We all know that the demand to learn English is high in Turkey. In fact English is the most popular language of study (with approximately 85 percent of the demand) in Turkey, followed by German, French and Russian.

"The popularity of English is of no surprise. English today has become the primary language of international communication, the new lingua franca, with hundreds of millions of speakers all around the world. Factors such as the influence of internet, mobility of populations, and internationalization of markets are all contributing to the spread of English.

"Turkish people of all ages are attending private English courses within Turkey or abroad; the younger ones to supplement language training at school, the older ones to improve their knowledge either for work or for personal reasons. For new graduates, English fluency provides a competitive advantage in the tight job market and opens the prospects for international careers. Executives interested in obtaining or maintaining a good job in a local or foreign company operating in Turkey, feel the need to command the English language as well.

"It is estimated that there are around 600 private companies offering English language training in Turkey. The opening of Rennert Istanbul has a particular significance as it is one of the very few, if any, U.S. based and partnered English language schools in Turkey.

"Learning a new language gives us access to another culture, and our lives take on a new dimension. I have experienced this in my own life as a diplomat.

"I will like to thank Rennert International and Meke Marine for opening Rennert Istanbul, which will assist students wishing to learn English and ultimately help foster the mutual understanding between Turkey and the United States."

Rennert International Set to Open a New Language School in Istanbul

NEW YORK-- Rennert International will open an American English language center in Istanbul in October.

The Istanbul school will be Rennert's third site. The company operates language centers in New York City and at St. Thomas University in Miami. Both schools are members of IALC, the International Association of Language Centres.

"We love the city of Istanbul and its people and see the new location as a perfect fit for Rennert's boutique language education," noted César Rennert, founder, CEO and president of Rennert. "We believe there is a need for a high quality school that offers American English and, additionally, can help transition Turkish students to American universities."

Rennert will operate in partnership with KIK EGITIM ve DANISMANLIK LTD. STI, a Turkish-based company headed by long-time English teacher and academic Idil Kemerli. "We have wonderful teachers, books and methods in Turkey, but still 80 percent of the people cannot speak English," Kemerli said. "They may know the grammar rules, but they cannot communicate."

Kemerli, who has taught English for 16 years, has been determined to find a new approach to help Turkish students gain fluency in English. "I liked Rennert's language school," she said. "It was different from the others; serious, boutique, friendly, and their teaching method was relevant and successful." Rennert Istanbul will offer general English, business English, social English, TOEFL and TOEIC courses along with specialized programs for the legal, finance and hospitality industry.

Rennert will offer university placement through ISES, International Student Education Services, Inc. It will also offer a dual study program in Istanbul and New York or Miami for students desiring a full immersion experience.

The new school will be located in the up-and-coming Findikli area, a neighborhood close to one of Istanbul's main transportation hubs, and the home to an art school, a filmmaking school and the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

September 2009

Rennert Launches New TESOL Certificate Course

Rennert will introduce the SIT Best Practices in TESOL Certificate course in September. The first class will start on Sept. 8.

The six-week SIT Best Practices in TESOL course offers exactly the same curriculum and requirements as the SIT TESOL certificate already taught at Rennert, but is especially designed for aspiring English teachers who do not have the fluency of native speakers. Both certificates come from World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute, a top American University and a global leader in the field of Teaching English as Second Language.

The SIT BP TESOL certificate course is already taught all over the world and is internationally accepted. The certificate is highly desirable compared with other TESOL certificates. It offers 130 hours of instruction and requires that participants teach a minimum of six hours of observed teaching with real ESL learners. Employing the most cutting-edge methods in language teaching, the trainers provide participants with comprehensive training in teaching, speaking, listening, reading, writing and language.

Fees and dates for the course are available here.

Because of the demanding nature of the course, potential students need to complete an application and do a phone interview with the TESOL Program Coordinator before they are accepted. Their educational backgrounds, reasons for taking the course and English proficiency will all be evaluated during the application process.

For more information, contact

An application for the SIT Best Practices Course is available here.

August 2008

Lori B. Colman Is Voted President-Elect of the New York Circle of Translators

Lori B. Colman of the Rennert Translation Group is the new President-Elect of the New York Circle of Translators (NYCT).

Ms. Colman joined Rennert as a project manager in 2000. She was promoted to assistant director of translation services in 2004.

Ms. Colman has been a member of the NYCT for six years. She has served on its nominating committee for the past two years. She is an active member of the American Translators Association.

Ms. Colman holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Spanish and Hispanic Literature from the State University of New York at Binghamton where she was an adjunct lecturer in Spanish for one year.

She also earned two translation certificates-one from SUNY Binghamton'sTranslation, Research, and Instruction Program and one from NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

The NYCT is a not-for-profit organization with a membership of independent translators and interpreters as well as translation companies and organizations. The NYCT is a chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA), which is, in turn, an affiliate of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

April 2008

Economic Elective Series Opens at Rennert New York

A popular series of economics elective courses has made its on-site debut at Rennert New York.

The free courses, which meet at Rennert from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, start on the first Tuesday of every month. They run for four weeks. The classes focus on the history and fundamentals of macroeconomics and are taught by teachers from the Henry George School of Social Science. Students receive a certificate from the Henry George School upon completion of their course.

"These courses set up very well for our students," says Brad Nield, a Rennert teacher who coordinates the classes. "There is a one-hour formal lecture followed by a one-hour discussion that is generated both by spontaneous questions and written materials that summarizes the course's main points," he adds.

Rennert language students who finish the first session can go on to a second month-long certificate course and, when that is completed, a third month-long course. The classes previously had been held at the Henry George School but have been shifted to Rennert's campus due to their popularity.

There is a limit of 15 students in each monthly course. Agents or students can pre-register for the courses by contacting Rennert's admissions department.

The Henry George School has been offering free economics classes since 1932. Its focus is on demystifying the principles of economics and providing the conceptual tools students need to understand boom/bust cycles, chronic poverty and other economic problems.

November 2007

Rennert Introduces Fashion Plus English In Conjunction with LIM College in NYC

Rennert New York has introduced two new Fashion plus English courses for 2008 in partnership with LIM College (the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising).

The seven-week Fashion Saturdays plus English will enable intermediate to advanced level students to attend English courses during the week at Rennert and a specialized fashion course on five consecutive Saturdays at LIM. Students may choose one of seven courses for their fashion elective, including Fashion Buying, Fashion Styling, Fashion Magazines, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Fashion Photography, Introduction to Visual Merchandising and Fashion Show Production.

Start dates for the Fashion Saturdays courses are January 7, 2008 and March 3, 2008.

Rennert and LIM will also offer a four-week summer intensive in fashion and English. Students will take 16 or 20 hours of English plus 15 hours per week of fashion. The hands-on fashion course will focus on visual display; fashion buying; fashion shows; fashion publicity; trend-spotting; field trips to showrooms, stylists and manufacturers, and guest lectures from industry professionals.

The start date for the Fashion Saturdays course is July 7, 2008.

LIM College was founded in 1939 by Maxwell F. Marcuse, an authority and pioneer in the fields of education and fashion, who was asked by leading retailers to create a college for the business of fashion and merchandising. LIM’s mission is to educate and prepare students in the businesses of fashion, marketing, management, and visual merchandising through an integrated, experiential and creative approach, utilizing the classroom, internships, and the fashion industry at large.

October 2007

Other News

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