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How to Learn English

By Noga La'or

Part 4 of 4

Now, learning how to speak in English is easier said than done, as many students can tell you. But getting students to speak is what we do best at Rennert. There are many aspects of learning at Rennert that really emphasize speaking and force students to talk in English. First of all, with a maximum of ten students per class, students must speak, and have a much easier time of speaking than if they there were 15, 20 or 25 students per class. So, speaking here is a must!

Second of all, teachers at Rennert bring in many different materials into the classroom in order to make their lessons as interesting as possible. This, of course, forces students to speak. Instead of only doing book exercises, Rennert teachers combine relevant textbook activities with topical material and conversation and vocabulary exercises that really force students to speak.

Another way that students practice speaking English while they are at Rennert is by going on excursions with their teachers. Every other Friday, teachers can take their students out to see different sights in and around New York City. Teachers take students to museums, galleries, Central Park, the United Nations, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, to the zoo, on scavenger hunts, or just to chat. And the list goes on and on! Friday excursions are a wonderful way for students to practice their English outside the classroom, and to get to know New York to boot!

And, of course, everyone knows about Rennert's famous activities calendar! Every day, including
weekends, Rennert offers a wide variety of after-school activities that students can participate in.
From Broadway shows to professional baseball and basketball games; from movie screenings to
jazz and classical music concerts; from grammar and writing workshops to idioms and pronunciation
practice; from special workshops at the New York Film Academy to volunteer opportunities; from
going to a Gospel Church service to visiting Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and Canada,
from limousine parties to going out for dinner and drinks, Rennert has something for everyone.
And the best thing about these activities (other than meeting new people and having
fun!) is the fact that students are able to practice their English in a relaxed
environment with students from all over the world.

So, when students are at Rennert, they have no excuse for not speaking
English! The more you talk, the more you learn...

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