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How to Learn English

By Noga La'or

Part 2 of 4

Learning a new language is a process - a long process. People spend their entire lives learning a foreign language. But the most important thing to remember is that you can do it. Here are some tips that will help you to tackle learning English.

First of all, immerse yourself as much as you can in the language. Going to an English-speaking country and living there while studying will automatically increase your chances of learning the language ten-fold. But you can't just speak English when you go to class. You really have to make the effort to speak English outside the classroom, too. As the Academic Director at Rennert, I really see the difference between students who only speak English in class and those who speak English in and outside the classroom. Students who watch TV in English, listen to music in English, surf the Internet in English, chat on Facebook in English and talk to native speakers in English before and after class are the ones who end up learning the language that much faster.

So, we teachers are always telling our students to īSpeak, speak! Speak as much as possible
and don't be scared to make mistakes!' But, as we all know, that is easier said than done.
As human beings, we are nervous about making mistakes, and we don't want to look
silly in front of our teachers, classmates or, worst of all, a native speaker of English!
But what many students tend to forget is that making mistakes is a natural part of the
learning process. For example, when you first learn to play a musical instrument,
you make tons of mistakes (if you don't believe me, then I invite you to hear me play
the piano one of these days. When learning how to bake, how many chocolate cakes
do you have to burn before finally making the perfect cake? In my case, I'm still in the
burning stage...

The point is, making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process, and students
should not be afraid to make mistakes when they're learning English. So,
what is my advice to you? Come to an English-speaking country,
immerse yourself in the language, open your mouth and talk, talk,
talk! With the help of your teachers and your own personal push
and motivation, you'll be speaking English in no time!

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