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American English Program

Rennert's Teaching Method and Philosophy

"R.E.A.L" English- The RENNERT Experiential Approach to Languages:
  • A language must be experienced in order to be learned.
  • Communicative approach - Our English classes are student centered (with the teacher talking 15% of the time and the students talking 85% of the time).
  • Teachers are dialogue facilitators.
  • Students practice using language skills necessary for meaningful, practical everyday situations.
  • Grammar is learned inductively and always in the context of natural conversation.
  • Stimulating role-playing activities, discussions, problem-solving, pair work and group activities are part of all of our group language courses.
  • Newly acquired language skills are continually reinforced through speaking, reading, writing, and listening exercises.
  • Communication and full immersion are stressed from day one.
  • University-trained and internationally experienced native English speakers establish close personal contact with students.
  • Students and instructors go on frequent cultural excursions in and around our schools in New York City and Miami.
  • Many on-site workshops are offered as an integral part of all of Rennert's language programs.
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