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SIT TESOL Certificate Course at Rennert New York TESOL Center

Developed by a leader in quality international education programs, World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute (SIT), this intensive, internationally recognized TESOL certification course provides the perfect balance between the theory of TESOL and the practical skills and confidence you'll need to be an effective ESL teacher here in the U.S. or abroad.

This course typically offers 160 hours of face-to-face instruction including workshop sessions on practical teaching methodology, guided lesson planning, practice teaching with real ESL students, and guided feedback on lessons taught. We offer this course as an intensive 4-week full-time course or an extensive 14-week part-time course.

Watch a webinar on teaching ESL/EFL in the U.S. and abroad and on the SIT TESOL Certificate program.

Why should you get the SIT TESOL Certificate?

  • Get a job teaching English after just four weeks
  • Learn practical skills you can immediatly apply
  • Travel and live abroad
  • Explore other cultures and languages
  • Meet international people
  • Work in New York or another country
Course Highlights:
  • An internationally recognized certificate from a leader in the field of language education.
  • 130+ hours of training.
  • Teaching practice with real ESL students.
  • The SIT TESOL Certificate has a strong focus on reflective practice.
  • Job placement assistance provided
  • Small class sizes (6-1 student to trainer ratio)
  • Free on-going post-course professional development
  • Convient midtown location near Grand Central
  • The chance to start your next big adventures!
  • Graduates of the course gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the language classroom.
  • Graduate credits are available. Inquire Here.


TESOL Intensive (Full-time)

Duration: 4 weeks.
Hours: 160 hours total
Monday–Friday: 9:00am - 6:30pm

TESOL Extensive (Part-time)

Duration: 14 weeks.
Hours: 160 hours total
Friday: 6:20pm-9:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am-6:15pm

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