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Professional Development Services for Institutions

Teacher training for pre- and in-service TESOL professionals, as well as on-going professional development workshops for all teaching staff is becoming increasingly important as the industry develops and the needs and demands of our students grow. Often this is an additional burden on an already stretched human resources department at language schools.

The teacher trainers and senior academic staff at Rennert New York TESOL Center have years of expertise in teacher training services for new teachers and professional development services for existing teachers. Our training staff has provided professional development to teachers locally and internationally in addition to presenting at TESOL conferences at the local, state, national and international level. Whatever your professional needs, the TESOL Center has the experience to help.

Professional Development Services

TESOL Professional Development Program Evaluation

Whether your school or institution is beginning to map out a professional development program for your teachers or would like feedback on an existing program, our team of professional development experts can help. Our team of academic consultants has been presenting on the creation and maintenance of effective professional development programs at national conferences for years. Allow us to bring our expertise into your classrooms. We can work with you to create a plan that meets your specific school needs.

Workshops for your ESL/EFL Teachers

The TESOL Center can deliver personalized professional development workshops for ESL teachers on a variety of topics to your faculty and staff. These practical and hands-on TESOL professional development workshops can take place at your school or at ours. The topic would be agreed upon in advance, and we are more than happy to create something that would suit your needs. Possible topics include:

  • Activities for teaching pronunciation
  • Student-generated materials
  • Motivating students
  • Fun ways to practice grammar
  • Teaching grammar inductively
  • Activities for reviewing vocabulary

Courses for your ESL/EFL Teachers

In addition to personalized workshops, the TESOL Center can deliver full TESOL Certificate courses or professional development courses on a variety of topics to your ESL/EFL faculty and staff. We can create something new or adapt and existing professional development or TESOL Certificate course to meet your teachers' needs.

For additional information on pricing and purchasing our professional development services for ESL/EFL teachers, please contact the Head of Teacher Training at tesol@rennert.com.

TESOL Academic Consultancy Services

Whether you are preparing for initial/re-accreditation or setting systems in place to evaluate students' progress, our team of TESOL academic consulting experts can help your school in a number of ways. Some of our English/ESL academic consultancy offerings include:

  • Evaluation of your institution's teachers
  • Maintaining compliance for accreditation (ACCET, CAE, etc.) and licensure (NYSED BPPS, etc.)
  • Evaluation and creation of effective placement and end testing systems for ESL students
  • Evaluation and creation of policies and procedures related to staff management and satisfactory academic progress (SAP)

English Curriculum Design and Development Services

Allow our team of English curriculum development specialists to assist your school or institution in the evaluation or creation of effective ESL/EFL courses. We offer a variety of site-based educational services to help you create and maintain the best possible course product to meet the ever changing needs of your ESL/EFL students. We can come to your school and evaluation your current English courses and provide concrete and practical feedback on how to best update your curricula. We can also work with your curriculum development and design team to create ESL courses from scratch to meet the individual needs of your institution.

For additional information on pricing and purchasing our TESOL/ESL academic consultancy services, please contact the Head of Teacher Training at tesol@rennert.com.

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