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Refresher Courses for English (ESOL) Teachers

Our two-or four-week Refresher Courses for English (ESOL) Teachers have been designed by Rennert New York TESOL Center's experienced, licensed teacher trainers. The Refresher Courses are suitable for experienced, practicing teachers of English and teacher trainers who wish to:
  • Refresh their knowledge and skill of communicative teaching techniques.
  • Learn new techniques, strategies and activities for teaching English.
  • Reflect on their teaching skills and share teaching strategies and skills with other teachers.
  • Develop their language skills further and enhance their knowledge of the English language.
Student teachers who are training to become English teachers in their own country will also find these courses useful.

The Refresher Courses for English (ESOL) Teachers are very practical and aim to raise an awareness of the latest techniques and skills used in the ESOL classroom based on communicative methodology and current ESOL best practices.

There are two different 2-week courses, which can be taken separately or combined into one 4-week course.
The courses are 3.5 hours/day.

Teacher Refresher Courses Topics

Below are examples of topics that may be covered in the courses:

  • Current best practices in English Language Teaching.
  • Classroom management issues, including how to increase student motivation.
  • Planning and staging lessons using different lesson frameworks.
  • Teaching phonology, including phonemic discrimination, word/sentence stress and intonation.
  • Production of spoken language; planning and carrying out genuinely communicative activities.
  • Listening and reading skills development.
  • Writing sub-skills and the writing process.
  • Using songs, audio-visuals, theater games, and the internet in class.
  • Fun and communicative ways to teach and practice grammar.
  • Analyzing and using course books.
For sample schedules for Course A and Course B, click here.

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