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TESOL/TEFL Practicum

What is the Practicum?

The Practicum course was created to offer new and experienced teachers the opportunity to hone their teaching skills under the expert guidance of a Rennert New York TESOL Center teacher trainer. This jam-packed course offers teaching practice with real ESL students, lesson feedback from our licensed teacher trainers, lesson observations, and individual and guided lesson planning. The course was created for the busy teacher or teacher-in-training who would like to gain the valuable experience of working with ESL students under the tutelage of an experienced trainer within a short period of time. The course includes a minimum of 6-hours of assessed teaching with real adult ESL learners in addition to a minimum 15 hours of lesson observations. This course is the perfect companion to an on-line TESOL/TEFL Certificate course and prepares you to step into any ESL setting with not only confidence, but also the skills deliver coherent, effective, and engaging English language instruction.

You May Be:

  • A participant in an online TESOL/TEFL Certificate course looking for a place to complete the in-person practicum at an accredited and academically trusted school.
  • A newly certified TESOL teacher who would like to gain more experience teaching students before entering the job market.
  • An experienced ESL/EFL teacher looking to improve teaching skills or try out new teaching methods under the mentorship of an experienced teacher trainer.

The course includes:

  • Teaching Practice with Real Adult ESL Students
  • Guided Lesson Planning
  • Observation of Experienced Teachers' Lessons
  • Observation of Peer Teachers' Lessons
  • Guided Feedback on Teaching Practice


Duration: 1 week. Total 48 hours.
Monday–Friday: 9:00am - 7:30pm
(Schedule may vary based on the number of participants on each course)

This course can be taken as an add-on to any TESOL Certificate course or separately. Potential students are required to have an Advanced level of English and proof of completion of a 100+ hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate course needs to be submitted with the application.

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