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Business English in Action

Optional add-on to Business English

Business English in Action

(F-1 visa required)
Practice your English communication skills in a real world setting. Add this option to the Business English
class (student visa required) to gain exposure to one of a variety of fields such as marketing, public
relations, architecture, business administration, non-profit, real estate or HR. Fields are not guaranteed.

How it works
Spend weeks 1 and 2 in Business English class (student visa required) for 20 lessons per week.
After class, create a resume and practice your interview skills. Weeks 3 to 16, attend
Business English class and participate in Business English in Action where you'll
practice English in a company in New York or Miami.

Rennert's Internship team will have weekly check-ins with you, and after successful completion, you'll receive a letter of recommendation that will be a valuable asset in your future.

Make the most of your experience in the U.S. with this once-in-a-lifetime program!

This is an unpaid placement in an American company for the purpose of improving language and understanding business culture.

Class Schedule
Business English Class: 20 lessons per week
Business English in Action: Approximately 20 lessons per week
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